The law on debt collection and bankruptcy, compulsory enforcement

The law on debt collection and bankruptcy, compulsory enforcement

The law on debt collection and bankruptcy, compulsory enforcement

BAUR HÜRLIMANN AG has a proven team of specialists in the areas of debt collection and bankruptcy law as well as enforcement law.


The specialists advise and represent creditors and debtors in all court proceedings relating to the above-mentioned areas of law, for example in proceedings relating to schedule of claims, attachment, avoidance, assignment, reclaiming, responsibility, opening of proceedings and claims, in particular also in judicial debt restructuring proceedings.


BAUR HÜRLIMANN Ltd. is able to draw on the skills of a highly experienced team of specialists in the areas of reorganisation, restructuring, insolvency, compulsory enforcement and financial market supervisory law.


These specialists advise and represent both creditors and debtors within all types of judicial procedure in the areas mentioned, including for example proceedings relating to creditor ranking, seizure, the avoidance of pre-bankruptcy transactions, assignment, recourse actions, liability actions, the rejection of oppositions and debt recognition actions, and in particular also within court-directed debt restructuring procedures, bankruptcy deferment proceedings and insolvency proceedings. They advise and represent investors, companies and private individuals within reorganisation and restructuring procedures of all types, including corporate acquisitions, corporate mergers and (prepack) corporate takeovers.


A number of BAUR HÜRLIMANN Ltd. specialists regularly act themselves as administrators and liquidators within court-directed debt restructuring procedures and bankruptcy deferment proceedings under the DEBA or the CO and as investigators, liquidators and receivers within procedures launched by FINMA in accordance with the relevant financial markets legislation. They may also be appointed as auxiliaries, advisors or representatives for bankruptcy administrations and authorities in general, as well as extraordinary bankruptcy administrations, and also as representatives on creditor committees within court-directed debt restructuring and bankruptcy procedures.


The BAUR HÜRLIMANN Ltd. specialists prepare expert reports and legal opinions on questions of all types in relation to insolvency and restructuring law and also support, amongst others, banks and company legal services, foreign receivers and debtors, creditors and courts in relation to cross-border cases.

Your experts in the field of the law on reorganisation, restructuring and compulsory enforcement


GEORG J. WOHL (Vice-Manager)