Dr. iur. Daniel Hunkeler



Dr. iur. Daniel Hunkeler



Daniel Hunkeler specialises in the following areas: Debt enforcement and bankruptcy law, reorganisations, restructuring, litigation (national and international judicial and arbitral proceedings), administrator within court-directed debt restructuring procedures, bankruptcy deferment proceedings and secondary insolvency proceedings, the Code of Obligations, company law and financial markets law, general commercial law, commercial criminal law, and FINMA investigator, liquidator and receiver



Assistants: Sarah Veuskens, Diana Barker and Kim Scherrer




Bahnhofplatz 9
PO box 1175
CH 8021 Zürich 1


T +41 (0)44 218 77 77
F +41 (0)44 218 77 70


  1. Expert consultancy activity, e.g. member of the group of experts appointed by the Federal Office of Justice charged with reviewing the need to amend debt restructuring procedures pursuant to Article 293 et seq DEBA (cf. Bericht der Expertengruppe) and a member of the working group of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA charged with drafting a Banking Insolvency Code (cf. Erläuterungsbericht FINMA)
  2. Since 2009: Chairperson of the Specialist Group on Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law of the Zurich Bar Association (ZAV; cf. https://www.zav.ch/)
  3. Member of various creditor committees
  4. Administrator in various debt restructuring procedures


Regular speaker and presenter at legal conferences


Examples in 2018:

  1. Conference on Corporate Restructuring and Insolvency, Zurich (Europa Institut Zurich): convener and speaker (cf. programme)
  2. Training conference on debt restructuring procedures for judges, Bern (Justice Commission): Speaker
    (cf. programme)
  3. Training event at the Conference for Swiss debt enforcement and bankruptcy officials, held at the Culture and Congress Centre TRAFO Baden (cf. programme)
  4. St. Gallen DEBA Conference 2018 of the Institute for Legal Science and Legal Practice (cf. programme)


Examples in 2017:

  1. Conference on the Law governing Attachment, Zurich (University of St. Gallen): convener and speaker (cf. programme)
  2. St. Gallen DEBA conference, Lucerne (University of St. Gallen): Speaker (cf. programme)
  3. Lecturer on the course CAS Litigation – Civil Litigation (University of St. Gallen and University of Lucerne,
    cf. programme)
  4. DEBA/CPC Forum: convener and speaker (cf. programme)


  1. Master of Laws (LL.M.), University of Miami, School of Law (1998)
  2. Dr. iur., Das Nachlassverfahren nach revidiertem SchKG [Debt Restructuring Procedures under the Revised DEBA] (thesis 1996, 2nd unamended edition 1999) [cf. Publikationen]
  3. Attorney-at-law (since 1993)
  4. Law clerk at the Baden District Court (1991 – 1992)